Could Lean Product Development Get You to Market Faster?

April 26, 2023

Every manufacturing engineer is familiar with The Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean Production. First published in 1990, this classic book was the first to detail the Toyota Production System from which the principles of Lean Production were derived. The authors predicted that Lean Production would become the gold standard not only in the auto industry, but in every industry worldwide, including healthcare.

However, the medical device industry has been slow to adopt Lean systems and techniques. While some contract manufacturers currently apply Lean tools to specific processes or areas, Viant stands out for its systematic use of Lean principles throughout the product lifecycle, from Lean Product Development to Lean Product Launch. For more than a decade, our teams have been applying these techniques to improve product quality, lower cost, and speed time to market.

Is Lean Product Development (LPD) for you? When I talk with OEM customers, I ask them 3 key questions to help them assess whether LPD could benefit their organization.

This white paper will reveal those key questions, explain how LPD can mitigate risk in each phase of the product development process, and share examples of how Lean Product Development has transformed the way Viant brings products to market.