Bioelectronic devices.


Our team has decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing bioelectronics technology.

Bioelectronic devices.

From the early days of pacing and neuromodulation, to the latest advancement in externals and wearables, our team has been on the forefront of this field since its inception. Our experts have been designing, developing, and manufacturing bioelectronic technology for decades.

Clinical Applications

Viant covers a range of clinical markets and applications when if comes to Bioelectronics, including:

Pain Management

Sleep Apnea


Cardiac Therapeutic/ Diagnostics

Immunological Conditions


Representative Products

  • Neural Stimulation Devices and Systems
  • Leads and Lead Extenders/Adapters
  • Cuff Electrodes
  • Implant Tools
  • Remote Controller
  • TENS Stimulator
  • Diagnostic Medical Devices
  • Therapeutic Medical Devices

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