Woman holding tube.

Diagnostics & laboratory Products

Our expertise in medical-grade plastics and precision metal tubing make us a go-to resource for this growing market.

Woman holding tube.

With our vertically integrated network, we’re well-positioned to support the rapid growth of medical technology and supplies across a range of clinical applications. For example, our plastics expertise supports injection tubes in CT and other diagnostic systems, while our precision metal tubing expertise supports chromatography and other laboratory tubing.

Clinical Applications

Viant covers a range of clinical markets and applications when it comes to Diagnostics and Laboratory Products, including:


In Vitro Diagnostics



Representative Products

  • CT Injections and Other Diagnostics Systems
  • Molecular Diagnostic Disc
  • Immunoassay Components
  • Collection Components
  • Collection Components
  • Pipettes & more
  • Injection Tubes
  • Blow-Filled Bottles
  • Metal Laboratory Tubing
  • Filtration Components & Assemblies
  • Blood Collection Systems & Other Components

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