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Complex Components

For more than 50 years, Viant has been an industry-leading manufacturer of components and assemblies for complex medical technologies.

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The Widest Range of Molding & Metal Process Capabilities Available

Our wide range of processing capabilities includes highly specialized processes such as 2-shot, insert-, and over- molding, complex machining, and precision tube drawing and fabrication.

Designed for quality and efficiency, our tooling facilities feature:

  • 475 injection molding machines ranging from 3 to 1000 tons
  • 425 milling, turning, Swiss, EDM, and laser precision machining centers
  • 30 million feet of medical-grade metal tubing produced annually
  • Fully-integrated automation and co-located processes
  • Preventative onsite tool maintenance
  • Adherence to scientific injection molding (SIM)
  • SIM principles and current good manufacturing practices (CGMP)

Polymer Processing

Injection Molding:
-Insert Molding
-Two-shot Molding
-In-Mold Decorating (IMD)
-High-temperature Molding
LSR Molding (LIM)
Medical Blow Molding:
-Extrusion Blow
-Injection Blow
-Injection Stretch Blow
LSR Overmolding
-Vacuum Forming
Compression Overmolding:
-Die-cut Compression Molding
-Transfer Molding
-Wasteless Flashless Cold Runner Molding
DCM and Ram Extrusion:
-Other highly engineered materials
-Silicone Extrusion & Assembly
-Complex Multi-Lumen Tubing
-PVC Tubing
-Complex Multi-Lumen

Precision Machining and Metals Processing

Forming & AssemblyMachiningFinishing
Tube Drawing, Bending, and FormingCNC MillingBead / Grit Blasting
Bending and FormingCNC TurningPassivation
Induction WeldingElectrical
Discharge Machining (EDM)
Ultrasonic WeldingSwiss MachiningColor Anodizing
TIG WeldingMulti-axis GrindingElectropolishing
Laser WeldingLaser CuttingChemical Etching
BrazingKnurlingLaser Texturing
Press FittingCNC OD/ID GrindingWet / Dry Finishing
RivetingGun DrillingTumbling
BroachingElectrochemical Machining (ECM)Pad Printing
Dragging / Mass Finishing
Laser Marking
Surface Treatment
Coatings (Ti, HA, PTFE, Silicone & Others)
Metal tubes.

Precision Metal Tubing

As an industry leader, Viant produces more than 30 million feet of medical-grade metal tubing each year. We’re a full lifecycle solution partner with state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities.

Medical worker working with the global tooling system.

Global Tooling Systems

From design and development to manufacturing and assembly, experience the convenience of working with one streamlined partner. 

Benefits of streamlining with Viant include:

  • Reduced overall time-to-market and development costs
  • A head start on product development followed by a seamless transition to production
  • Managed risk without the confusion of working with multiple vendors

A Dedicated Team Gets the Job Done

Whether it’s adding bandwidth for large-scale tooling projects or expanding your new product development capabilities, you can count on our cross-functional engineering team the same way you would your own.

As a dedicated single point of contact, your program manager will seamlessly guide your program through each phase. Our validated processes and systems allow us to manage risk and track key milestones. Keeping you informed every step of the way in an important part of that process.

Here are just a few important touch points you can expect:

Kickoff Meeting

DFX Meetings

Mold Design Reviews

Project Schedule Reviews

Ongoing Site Management Meetings


Have a tough question? We’re ready. Challenge us with your complex problems, today.