Mother kissing her newborn baby.

We’re in it for life

Our name, Viant, is rooted in Vita, the Latin word for life, and is the driving force behind all that we do. We’re in it for the lives of customers and the patients who benefit from our technology.

Mother kissing her newborn baby.

Our Mission

We partner and innovate with our customers to provide the highest quality, life-enhancing medical devices in the world.

Our Vision

Viant will be the medical device industry’s most trusted design and manufacturing services partner.

Our Values

Our Viant Values are the foundation of our culture, a culture that is defined by our commitment to our customers and to creating a fulfilling environment for our associates.


Partnering with our customers with a focus on patient safety, quality, and mutual success.


Doing the right thing, always.

Servant Leadership

Viant’s most important asset is our people. We will support and develop our associates to ensure their success.

Own it

Be brave, make decisions, be accountable.


One purpose, one team, one Viant — for life!

Be Agile

Engage, understand, align, and act.

Viant team receiving an award.

Viant Values Awards

This quarterly award is presented to both individual and team recipients, and recognizes associates who embody our Viant values in supporting their team and our customers.

Recipients are nominated by their peers in recognition of their hard work and dedication to our mission and vision. They take to heart the Viant values and In It For Life philosophy.

Once nominated, the entries are reviewed by our executive leadership team and shared company-wide via our CEO.

Circle of Excellence Awards

Every year, our nearly 7,000 team members gather across our sites to celebrate Viant’s commitment to Operational Excellence at OpEx Day. This commitment facilitates a workplace where problem-solving, teamwork and creativity foster continuous improvement across the entire global organization.  

It’s during this celebration that we announce our Circle of Excellence winners and recognize the outstanding work they have made in the area of service, cost, safety, collaboration, culture, and quality. 

Our associate’s intrinsic embodiment of Operational Excellence both on OpEx Day and every day sets us apart as a best-in-class manufacturing services partner – We’re In It For Life. 


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