Our industry-leading solutions include implants, instruments, and delivery systems.


We are at the forefront of orthopedics. With deep expertise in both plastic and metal materials, we provide complete solutions including:

  • Implants: low- to high-volume manufacturing; advanced coating capabilities
  • Instruments: traditional and robotic; reusable and single use
  • Delivery systems: best-in-class design; low- to high-volume manufacturing

In addition, our Orthoplastics group is the global leader in UHMWPE components.

Clinical Markets

  • Large Joints
  • Trauma
  • Extremities
  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine (Arthroscopy)
  • Dental

Representative Products


  • Hip & shoulder stems
  • Screws & plates
  • Artificial discs
  • UHMWPE components (Orthoplastics division)


  • Bone-cutting and prepĀ 
  • Minimally invasive
  • Complex and hybrid
  • Acetabular reamers & reamer handles (Viant brand or white label)

Delivery Systems

  • Sterilization cases & trays
  • Sterilization caddies & inserts
  • Dental and surgical trays

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