4 Best Practices to Mitigate Risk in Manufacturing Transfers

July 14, 2021

If you’re considering a manufacturing transfer, you may be losing sleep over all the things that could go wrong: cost overruns, schedule slips, or quality issues, to name a few. Missteps anywhere in the process can make the difference between meeting or missing your timeline and budget.

Medical device companies can mitigate the inherent risks associated with manufacturing transfers by choosing a contract manufacturing organization that understands how critical it is to execute programs on time and on budget. The people you partner with can make or break your manufacturing transfer. Choosing an experienced partner with skilled teams and robust processes and procedures in place to manage risk can ensure a smooth transfer and give you peace of mind.

As a contract manufacturing organization with decades of experience, Viant has handled manufacturing transfers for hundreds of customers—from startups to the world’s largest medical device companies. We’ve dedicated resources to developing a world-class methodology for manufacturing transfers, training our staff, and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement.

For medical device companies wondering what to look for in a manufacturing partner, this white paper will share 4 best practices to mitigate risk for a successful manufacturing transfer.