Scaling at Speed: Novel Retooling & Automation Boost Production to Meet 30% Demand Growth—in Just 13 Months

February 5, 2024


For millions of patients living with chronic diseases, automated injection systems represent a complete transformation in quality of life—replacing constant needle pricks and complex dose decisions with automated dose delivery. For one of the companies responsible for providing these devices, rapid growth in demand presented tremendous opportunity—but also exposed challenges with their legacy supply chain.

Customer Situation

With growth in demand exceeding 30% year-over-year, this drug delivery company’s incumbent supplier struggled to keep up. As production scaled up, the highly technical manufacturing challenge—including complex product design and tight tolerances—led to frequent tooling crashes and recurring supply interruptions.

Facing these issues, the company began evaluating alternative suppliers that could provide the highly specialized technical capabilities, scalable production and reliable supply chain required to meet rapid increasing demand.

Customer Results

By increasing both the speed and precision of the manufacturing process, the custom-built, automated manufacturing cell improved cycle time by 20% and reduced scrap rate by 50% compared with the incumbent supplier. Viant’s robust tooling design resolved the crash issues, pushing uptime and output levels far above incumbents. Though the incumbent supplier had been working on the product and attempting to solve its multiple issues for years, the Viant team accomplished these results in an aggressive time frame of only 13 months—nearly halving the time typically required for a project of this scale and complexity. All of these outcomes were achieved with remarkable speed: five months ahead of schedule. 

To date, Viant has shipped more than 30 million parts—with zero rejections. More importantly, the Viant solution has enabled more than 180,000 additional people living with this chronic condition to benefit from the singular convenience of this unique device.