Innovative Spinal Surgery Case & Tray System Saves Costs; Drives Brand Awareness

April 10, 2023


A fast-growing, midsize company in the spine market sought a supplier that could support the development of a new universal case and tray system for all its current and future reusable spinal surgery instruments. The company had a very aggressive launch strategy: It wanted to introduce the new system with the relaunch of its flagship product, its most successful platform.

The trays needed to accommodate current products, with the flexibility to accommodate future products without becoming too large. The customer was also seeking a system with would fit within the dimensions of standard hospital sterilization containers, which would offer greater customer convenience than using blue wrap. In addition, the design had to allow the individual trays to be identified within a closed outer case.

The company selected Viant based on:


The Viant team had both the clinical and technical expertise the customer needed:

Viant successfully supported the company’s design, development, and manufacturing of a novel universal case and tray system. Ultimately, the complex system required the design of 18 components.


The new design platform eliminated a key customer objection and allowed the customer to gain greater market penetration. The universal design also saved significant development and operational costs. The branded trays represented the company well as they were used throughout the hospital, effectively driving brand awareness. The new system was so successful that it was extended to an additional 13 product families and was highlighted by the company’s CEO to its Board of Directors.