Bridge Tooling Solution Allows Early Delivery of Complex Surgical Device

April 19, 2023


A leading multinational medical device company turned to Viant for a large tooling/injection-molding project: manufacturing all the plastic parts for a single-use device for minimally invasive surgery. The success of the entire program hinged on the technical feasibility of manufacturing one particularly complex plastic part. The customer needed 500 production-quality parts (not prototypes) for demonstration with their international partner in just 6 weeks.

The customer chose to work with Viant because of its contract medical device manufacturing expertise and cleanroom injection molding capabilities. A key factor was Viant’s Global Tooling Systems, which offers a Bridge Tooling option that enables the build of a production-quality plastic component in a compressed time frame.


The Viant team brought a complete understanding of the clinical application, as well as the complexity of the part. The experienced team immediately began Design Optimization and worked with the customer on part design, which was nearly complete. The team executed Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and tool design using concurrent engineering.

Team members worked closely with the tool shop in designing, fabricating, and qualifying the tool, a two-cavity, complex mold with lifters and slides. Viant’s program management team kept the customer informed throughout the timeline.


Viant exceeded the customer’s expectations and successfully delivered 500 production parts in 5 and a half weeks, several days ahead of schedule.

Once past this first deadline, the team continued to work on the additional molded parts and successfully delivered them on time and within budget. The customer continues to partner with Viant on this and other projects.