Design & Development

Our expertise in product design and development can help you improve quality, eliminate waste, and reduce costs.

Medical Device Design

Viant offers comprehensive design and development services from concept to launch and beyond. We bring deep expertise in the design and development of medical devices, as well as a thorough understanding of clinical applications. The result is clinically effective, innovative solutions for our customers.

Design for Excellence

Our design and development capabilities are broad because we offer so many integrated processes in-house. Our cross-functional teams implement design for excellence (DFX) best practices to ensure a smooth development path and consistent, high-quality product manufacturing. We can advise your team on optimizing every step of your program, including:

  • Manufacturability
  • Assembly
  • Repeatability
  • Validation
  • Supply chain
  • Cost reduction

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our DFM capabilities cover a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes, including:

  • Injection molding (thermoplastic & elastomeric processes)
  • Blow molding (EBM, ISBM, IBM, BFS)
  • Extrusion (thermoplastics & silicon)
  • Compression molding
  • Secondary processes

Design for Device Assembly (DFA)

We can work with you to optimize design for a range of assembly processes, including:

  • High speed
  • Semiautomated
  • Manual
  • Secondary processes
    • Packaging, welding, gluing, surface treatments

Design for Materials

Material compatibility and interaction are important considerations in the design of your medical device. We can leverage our materials expertise by working with you on:

  • Material identification (FTIR analysis)
  • Material selection
  • Material testing

Design for Packaging

Our team of degreed packaging engineers offers comprehensive packaging services, including packaging design and development:

  • Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices (ISO 11607 Part 1)
  • Prototype package systems for evaluation
  • Package design verification and stability testing

Reverse Engineering

We can duplicate your legacy or off-patent part or assembly (with or without prints) through reverse engineering: analysis, 3D modeling, and creating a new tool.

Process Development and Engineering Assistance

Our engineering experts can help you develop and produce a cost-effective, quality product that meets your specifications. We can help you engineer your tool or device, from complete process development, testing, and prototyping, to manufacturing documentation and regulatory compliance testing.

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