Key Component for Stent Delivery System Gets Innovative Solution

April 19, 2023


A leading, multinational medical technology company was seeking a strategic partner to develop and manufacture a key component of its next-generation, catheter-based stent delivery system: a tapered tip flexible enough to pass through the tortuous vessel. It reviewed more than 30 suppliers, conducting a detailed check of their quality review systems, procurement systems, and engineering and development expertise. The company selected Viant for its wide-ranging capabilities.


Viant provided an experienced team, including mechanical engineers and a dedicated project manager, who worked daily with the customer on planning, manufacturing, and procurement for commercial production. Viant engineers were able to translate the requirements of this flexible, tapered tip into an innovative, commercially viable engineering solution.

The operation required integrating multiple customized secondary operations into the manufacturing cell, such as in-line, 100% product inspection of critical features using vision systems. Viant also designed the tool and cell to nimbly change between part numbe

The customer’s product manager was impressed with Viant’s technical performance, responsiveness, dedication, and attention to detail.

“The engineers are extremely focused and customer-service driven. Everyone on the team understands what’s happening and is able to assist me,” she said. “I don’t have time to hand-hold a supplier. Viant is able to jump on what I need and get it done very quickly.”


The Viant team was able to meet the customer’s tight product launch timeline. The product manager was so pleased with the results of this project that she worked with Viant to modify the tip for use in two other devices, and Viant continues to manufacture this specialized component for all three products.