3P Playbook

February 20, 2021

How 3P Events can help you boost efficiency, speed time to market, and save costs

Production Preparation Process (3P) is a Lean Product Launch tool that has been particularly effective in delivering successful program launches. For more than a decade, our teams have been successfully leveraging 3P events for dozens of customers ranging from startups to large global corporations.

We’ve honed our skills and have a track record of conducting events that help our customers deliver assured product quality, lower cost, and speed time to market.

3P events bring stakeholders together to identify and reduce waste in every step of a process, thereby increasing efficiency, de-risking the manufacturing process, and compressing the timeline. The 3P experience also develops more collaborative, aligned teams that drive success even beyond the 3P event.

In this 3P Playbook, we share:

Real customers on 3P:

“Labor content was reduced by 50% compared with expectations, which is an incredible accomplishment.”