Medical Device Components

For more than 50 years, Viant has been an industry-leading manufacturer of components and assemblies for complex medical technologies.

Molding & Metal Process Capabilities

We offer the widest range of molding and metal processing capabilities, including highly specialized processes such as blow molding and thermoforming, complex machining, and precision tube drawing and fabrication. Our tooling facilities are designed for quality and efficiency, featuring:

  • 450 injection molding machines ranging from 3 to 1000 tons
  • 425 milling, turning, Swiss, EDM, and laser precision machining centers
  • 30 million feet of medical grade metal tubing produced annually
  • Fully integrated automation and co-located processes
  • Onsite tool preventive maintenance
  • Quality-first culture
  • Adherence to scientific injection molding

(SIM) principles and current good manufacturing practices (CGMP)

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Plastics Molding Processes

Injection Molding

  • Insert Molding
  • Two-shot Molding
  • Multishot Molding
  • Microinjection Molding
  • In-Mold Decorating (IMD)
  • High-temperature Molding
LSR Molding (LIM)
Medical Blow Molding

  • Extrusion Blow
  • Injection Blow
  • Injection Stretch Blow
LSR Overmolding

  • Vacuum Forming
Blow-Fill-Seal Compression Overmolding

  • Die-cut Compression Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Wasteless Flashless Cold Runner Molding
DCM and Ram Extrusion

  • PEEK
  • Other highly engineered materials

  • Silicone Extrusion & Assembly

  • Overmolding
  • PVC Tubing

Metal Processes

Forming & Assembly Machining Finishing
Tube Drawing, Bending, and Forming CNC Milling Bead / Grit Blasting
Bending and Forming CNC Turning Passivation (Citric, Nitric)
Induction Welding Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Anodizing
Ultrasonic Welding Swiss Machining Ultrasonic Cleaning
TIG Welding Multi-axis Grinding Dragging / Mass Finishing
Laser Welding Laser Cutting Chemical Etching
Metal Injection Molding Knurling Laser Texturing
Brazing CNC OD/ID Grinding Wet / Dry Finishing
Press Fitting Gun Drilling Tumbling
Riveting Electrochemical Machining (ECM) Pad Printing
Broaching Electropolishing
Laser Marking
Surface Treatment
Coatings (Ti, HA, PTFE, Silicone & Others)


Global Tooling Systems

Viant gives you the convenience of working with a single partner from design and development through manufacturing and assembly, allowing you to:

  • Reduce overall time to market and development costs
  • Get a head start on product development and ensure a seamless transition into production
  • Manage risk and avoid the pitfalls of working with multiple vendors

Tooling Systems

Prototype Tooling
Bridge Tooling
Production Tooling
DFM engineering support DFM engineering support DFM engineering support
2-4 week turn-around time* Single-cavitation molds High-cavitation molds
Parts certified by Viant Mold design Detailed mold design
Guaranteed tool life up to 5,000 shots 6–8-week turn-around time* for first parts with First Article Inspection Results SPI Class 101 and 102 tools
Quick design iteration support with focus on scalability Full-service, on-site tool shop to handle revisions, maintenance, and repairs
Dedicated tool development work cell Guaranteed tool life of 1 million shots or more
Guaranteed tool life up to 1 million shots with hardened steel upgrades

*Turn-around times may vary according to complexity of project

Dedicated Team

Count on us when you need to add bandwidth for large-scale tooling projects or expand your new product development capabilities. Our dedicated, cross-functional engineering team acts as an extension of your team. Your program manager is your single point of contact, seamlessly leading your program through each phase. We have validated processes and systems to manage risk and track key milestones. We keep you informed every step of the way, starting with a kickoff meeting and continuing with DFX meetings, mold design reviews, project schedule reviews, and ongoing meetings with site management to assure supply chain and a smooth transition into manufacturing.

Case Study

Quick Transfer of Tools for Complex Molded Components Increases Customer Satisfaction

This customer was having major quality issues with the molding supplier for critical components of its flagship product. The customer needed to transfer tooling for 3 complex, acrylic, single-use components—a total of 8 multicavity hot runner tools—with an aggressive deadline of 4 months. The Viant team performed troubleshooting to resolve tooling issues and developed protocols to maintain the customer’s tool assets. The protocols were executed flawlessly and the team successfully met the deadline and ramped up production to > 1 million units/month. The result was excellent tool performance, no supply chain interruptions, and a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction.

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