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As a design and manufacturing services provider to the medical device industry, we partner and innovate with our customers to provide the highest quality, life enhancing medical devices in the world. We do this through our depth and breadth of capabilities, end-to-end integration, technical expertise and relentless focus on customer and operational excellence.

We offer a unique combination of small-company service and attention with big company resources.

Design & Development

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Materials Expertise

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Medical Device Components

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Manufacturing & Assembly

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Finished Device Services

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End-to-End Solutions. For Real.

Viant’s depth and breadth of solutions can help you expand your product offering, optimize your supply chain, and improve quality while managing costs on a global scale.

Here’s what makes us a leading strategic manufacturing partner:

  • End-to-end solutions from design and development through manufacturing, assembly, and packaging
  • Deep materials know-how with both metals and polymers, including highly specialized processes
  • Technical expertise & understanding of clinical applications
  • Foundational focus on operational excellence
  • Lean principles throughout the product lifecycle
  • Global resources & scale
  • “In it for life” culture”

Our leaders have deep experience in both the OEMs we serve and contract manufacturing so we can better serve you. We will relentlessly uphold your reputation for delivering high quality, high value devices that your customers depend on to save or enhance lives every day.

If that sounds like what you’re in business for, let’s talk about how we can work together to touch and improve lives.

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Viant At a Glance

Big-Company Resources, Small-Company Attention

24 Locations
6000 Employees
2.1m Sq. ft. of Manufacturing
& Assy Space
325k Clean Room
450 Plastics Processing
30m Ft Metal Tubing
Produced Annually
425 Precision
Machining Centers

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