Diagnostics & Patient Care Device Manufacturer

Our end-to-end solutions support innovative components and devices in this wide-ranging market.

Diagnostics & Patient Care

With end-to-end capabilities, we are well-positioned to support the growth of medical devices and supplies for a range of clinical applications in this this broad and diverse market.

For example, our plastics expertise supports injection tubes in CT and other diagnostic systems, blow-filled bottles for blood culture, and manufacturing and assembly of CPAP masks, trach tubes, and airway tubes. Our precision metal tubing expertise supports chromatography and other laboratory tubing.

Clinical Markets

  • Imaging / Radiology
  • Filtration Separation
  • Rapid Care Diagnostics
  • Laboratory Products
  • Respiratory & Sleep Care
  • Monitoring & Patient Care

Representative Products

Contrast Media Syringes

  • CT injection and other diagnostics systems

Tubing Sets & Containers

  • Injection tubes
  • Blow-filled bottles
  • Metal laboratory tubing

Molecular & Immunoassay Components

  • Molecular diagnostic discs
  • Immunoassay components

Blood Collection & Filtration Components

  • Blood collection systems & other components
  • Filtration components

Respiratory Components

  • CPAP masks
  • Trach tubes
  • Airway tubes

Device Housing

  • Housing for a range of devices & monitors

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